Archived Polls

What is your favourite winter Olympic sport? 07/02/2018
Do you still want schools to mail you physical copies of viewbooks and program guides? 23/01/2018
How many colleges and universities have you taken campus tours at? 02/01/2018
What will you be doing over the winter holidays? 20/12/2017
Do you follow colleges or universities you are interested in attending on Instagram? 13/12/2017
Do you find live chats on school websites helpful when looking for admissions information? 01/12/2017
Would you want to receive text messages from prospective universities and colleges? 15/11/2017
Which of the following have you used? 06/11/2017
What is your favourite format for learning new information? 20/10/2017
What is most important to you when choosing your future school? 04/10/2017
In your search for colleges and universities, what is your preferred method for receiving information? 15/09/2017
What would most influence you to study abroad? 18/08/2017
When looking to attend a post-secondary institution, how do/did you find potential schools and programs? 08/08/2017
When did you make your decision about the colleges or universities you would/will apply to? 13/07/2017
When did you make a decision about the colleges or universities you would/will apply to? 13/07/2017
To what degree do you think robots and automation will affect jobs in the future? 20/06/2017
What stage of your education are you in? 29/05/2017
If you recently accepted an offer to attend university or college, what most influenced your decision? 01/05/2017
What is your 'Plan B' strategy if you don't get into your first-choice school? 10/04/2017
How have you had success finding employment? 20/03/2017