Travel The World While You Study

By University of New Brunswick - Fredericton Modified on December 16, 2015

Study in Jamaica, spend your summer in France!


Why wait to travel the world? The University of New Brunswick offers students the chance to study, intern or work at 89 universities in 36 countries around the world.

Whether it’s an exchange in Ireland, an internship in Brazil or a co-op placement in Germany, there are travel opportunities available to students from almost any program at UNB.

UNB Business Administration student Mary-Margaret Smith spent the winter 2015 semester at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, United Kingdom.

“My favourite experience while abroad was the opportunity to travel to other countries, I became good friends with two students from Germany, and ended up travelling there.”

Smith said the easiest thing was meeting new people.

“My advice to any future students who would like to study abroad is attend every event the school offers. Take risks,” she said.

“You are only in this new country and have these experiences for a limited time!”

Simon Marmura Brown, a UNB political science student, did an exchange at Karl Fransens University, Graz, Austria.

“Just do it! Seriously, it will be the best time of your life,” said Brown, who did an exchange during the winter 2015 semester.

“I’m more cultured, I’m more independent.”

Brown said having friends from different cultures and religions from all over the world “was eye opening and absolutely wonderful.”

“You can make lifelong friends and relationships in such a short period of time.”

But besides the experience itself, there are tons of amazing reasons to study abroad!

And if you stay close to home, UNB’s international students make up almost 12 per cent of the student population – so you can still immerse yourself in the ideas, backgrounds and people from over 100 countries.