All The Ways You Can Get Involved

By triOS College (Mississauga Campus) Modified on September 02, 2016

Starting school can be overwhelming at any age, and we vow to be here to support you along the way!


At triOS College, your personal and professional development are a number one priority to us. Starting school can be overwhelming at any age, and we vow to be here to support you along the way.

While you are studying at triOS, you will be given many opportunities to get involved in a variety of events planned by your campus. You will feel a great sense of pride and school spirit while participating in themed campus lunches, social gatherings, community fundraisers, campus contests, and other fun initiatives geared towards giving back to our communities and having a good time together.

As a student, there are many ways to get involved at your campus. triOS has several programs geared towards getting the most out of your post-secondary education experience. Choose from:

  • Student Ambassador - Each triOS location has Student Ambassadors who assists with welcoming new students, helping around the campus, setting up career fairs, and more. The Student Ambassador is picked for displaying exemplary behaviour while at school.
  • Volunteering - There are several opportunities for students to give back to their communities by volunteering. Whether it is planting trees for Earth Day, or providing a free lunch to those in need, you will be able to make the most of your time at triOS on both an academic and charitable level.
  • Tutoring Opportunities - If you find yourself excelling in all of your studies, you are able to consider tutoring your peers, therefore promoting an all-encompassing and successful learning environment.
No matter which location you attend, you will feel like part of our family as soon as you arrive. Our staff are genuine, welcoming, and committed to seeing you grow and develop as an individual while you work hard towards your dream job.