Over 90% Of Redeemer Students Don't Pay Full Tuition

By Redeemer University College Modified on February 22, 2017

Think a four-year degree is out of reach financially? Think again.


Last year, over 90% of Redeemer students received financial aid. That means 90% of students at Redeemer paid less than the sticker price.

When thinking about a university education, there are a lot of questions about cost and debt. At Redeemer we understand that this is a major investment that requires careful planning. We also know that the education Redeemer provides has a lasting impact. We don’t want you to graduate with a mere piece of paper; we hope that during your time at Redeemer you will have excelled in your academic discipline, gained exceptional skills and experiences and have grown spiritually and socially.

Consider the value of the university experience you are investing in at Redeemer – the small class sizes, supportive residence program, access to faculty and the opportunity to grow as a whole person.

All incoming secondary school and transfer students are automatically considered for Redeemer University College Academic Entrance Scholarships, awards based on your incoming admission average. These awards start at a 77% average and are valued up to $6,000! And that’s just the beginning.

There are also scholarships and bursaries (need-based awards) available to our students. Need a refresher on what these are and how to apply? Scholarships are merit-based awards that you can apply for based on your achievements, contributions, leadership roles, athletic ability, and even your specific major. Bursaries are awards that are available to students who demonstrate financial need.

Every award has a different set of criteria and filling in your financial aid application will tell you what you’re eligible for. Complete your admission application to Redeemer, and then fill in your financial aid application by February 28. Let us help you invest in your future!