How A Liberal Arts Degree Helps You In The Workforce

By Redeemer University College Modified on May 09, 2017

Wherever you go, whatever you do, a liberal arts degree is a smart choice.


Whether you’ve planned on a future career for years or still haven’t figured out what’s next, Redeemer University College provides a liberal arts education to help students prepare for a non-linear future, wherever it leads.

What benefits does a liberal arts degree offer?

1. Relevant Foundation
Future employers want to hire well-rounded individuals who are malleable and looking for opportunities to keep improving themselves. A liberal arts degree allows you to study a wide breadth of subject areas, preparing foundational skill sets and knowledge that you can apply to any future endeavour.

2. Marketable Skills
Learn more than just facts; learn how to read analytically, think critically, communicate persuasively, write effectively, and be innovative and collaborative problem solvers. Not only are employers looking to hire skillful individuals, but you will have learned abilities that make you appealing to all types of careers.

3. Education of the Whole Person
Since the workforce is constantly and rapidly changing, employers are looking to hire people that are knowledgeable, flexible, willing to learn, and can adapt to the marketplace. Having a well-rounded and flexible program encourages students to develop their gifts, preparing them for the realities of a fast-paced, constantly changing world and workforce. Because you choose a major that you’re passionate about, focus and motivation will come naturally. Our faculty challenges their students to think beyond the textbook and engage with what they are learning.

A Liberal Arts education is beneficial to those just starting to enter the workforce. At Redeemer, we want to educate the next generation, anticipating a successful future. Find out more about the programs Redeemer has to offer and how you can start your application.