Student Life at uLethbridge

As a grad student at uLethbridge you will be at the centre of a student-focused environment


Are you considering to apply for a graduate program at uLethbridge and want to learn about student life in Lethbridge? We have something for everyone!

As a graduate student at uLethbridge you will be at the centre of a student-focused environment and you will find support every step of the way. At uLethbridge we have a commitment to our students: to help every one of our students thrive.

Here are some of the ways you can enhance your student experience at uLethbridge:

  • THRIVE Professional Skills Program: Created for graduate students, THRIVE is a professional skills program that aims to develop competencies in teaching, research, career and professional skills. Areas of focus include project management, ethics, and employability. Discover more about THRIVE.
  • Graduate Students’ Association (GSA): The GSA is an elected graduate student body that runs social and wellness events all through the year in an effort to encourage the graduate students to come together with their peers. The Meeting of the Minds inter-disciplinary conference is held in March every year and is one of the GSA's biggest events. GSA also runs a “First Impressions” program to make your transition to graduate school life smoother and more valuable.
  • Career and Employment Services: Need help creating a résumé, career advising or practicing interview skills? We have a centre on campus dedicated to preparing you for the workforce.

We also have: Accommodated Learning Centre, Counselling Services, Daycare, Health Centre, Student Success Centre, International Centre, FNMI centre, Writing Centre, Teaching Centre and much more.

You can also learn about student life at uLethbridge by watching our webinar or please visit our website:

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