Decorating Your Dorm On A Budget

By RBC Modified on August 08, 2017

Check out our tips on decorating your dorm on a budget.


Do you want your dorm to be the one everyone wants to hang out in, but you're short on cash? Luckily, there are lots of ways to create your perfect dorm without breaking the bank.

Whether you've been pinning dorm decor ideas on Pinterest for months, or are just starting to imagine what your dorm will look like, one thing that has probably crossed your mind is the cost of making your room "yours." While you'll likely be able to bring some things from home and your cool Aunt Margie might give you a few strings of twinkle lights for ambiance, setting up your new place could put you back a pretty penny. Luckily, you don't need to live like a monk or overspend - there are lots of ways to get your perfect dorm room on the cheap.

Stick to The Essentials

Do you really need a mini-fridge? What about that toaster or microwave your mom suggested? Rather than buying everything in case you'll need it, figure out what you'll actually use. Many dorm buildings have kitchens in common rooms on every floor so you don't have to equip your room with expensive appliances. And you can hold off buying a hot plate that also charges your phone until you've confirmed if the meal plan food really is inedible.

Get Your DIY Juices Flowing

Students everywhere have to come up with thrifty ideas to decorate their dorms. Luckily, hundreds of other people's affordable DIY projects can easily be found with a quick online search. Buy cheap mirrors, candles and organizers and make them look amazing with a little bit of paint or some scrap fabric. Get creative and make your own wall art. Or turn a vinyl record into a clock.

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