5 Habits To Develop As An Art And Design Student

By OCAD University Modified on September 01, 2017

Make the most of your school year by developing good habits.


1. Explore, get out there!
Don’t just stick to the classroom. Go out. Explore. Be curious. Photograph, sketch, paint, or do whatever to get those creative juices flowing. Drawing inspiration from the world around will likely give you a more well-rounded perspective and fresh ideas.

2. Revisit old themes
Have you ditched a particular theme in the past that you thought maybe one day you could use for something else? You can rethink, refine and reuse past themes to create new work. Inspiration from your past may help you re-ignite and enhance the ideas you had before that can now finally come to fruition.

3. Document your work
When preparing your application for admissions to a studio-based program at an art and design university, a well-rounded portfolio is a must. This means including not only the final product but also the process work leading up to it such as sketches, doodles and notes. Remember to keep your work in safe keeping somewhere or take pictures before tossing it to the garbage. It’s also probably a good idea to write explanations or notes of your work throughout so you can easily capture its relevance to your overall concept development.

4. Update your online presence
Ensuring that your online portfolio and resume is up-to-date is important for potential employers who may be looking to hire or for potential customers looking to buy your work that is available. By regularly updating your online presence, you’re also maintaining your credibility and demonstrating your experience and diverse skill set.

5. Maintain or learn a new skill
Just because you’re a natural at something doesn’t mean you can’t get better. Just because a tool you’ve been using works for you doesn’t mean there isn’t something better. At times you’ll need to hone in on your skills through practice and other times it’s a matter of picking up a new skill or tool that new technology keeps producing. Stay aware. Be involved. Keep creating.