Take Your Career To The Next Level In One Year

By St. Lawrence College - Graduate Programs Modified on October 12, 2017

Make the most of your graduate school experience! Network, network, network.


Congratulations, you’ve reached another of life’s milestones. You are considering, or are on the path to completing a post-graduate certificate, and you intend to capitalize on every moment.

To make the most of your time and best present your personal brand, you will need to fine-tune your networking skills. The classroom and work placement opportunities in your community are an excellent way to practice and perfect these skills.

While it may seem a bit intimidating, reach out to people in your community who have the job experience or hold positions that interest you. Most business people will agree to brief information gathering interviews to share how they reached their own professional goals. This is a great way to hear first-hand what challenges the industry is currently facing as well as potential job opportunities.

However, don’t go in unprepared. Do your homework. Review the company website and their LinkedIn profile. Prepare a brief 2-minute elevator pitch to tell them who you are and what you hope to accomplish, a thoughtful list of questions, and a professional resume. While listening skills will be the most important during these types of interviews, be sure to showcase your skill set and can-do attitude. Follow up with a firm handshake and a sincere thank you note for their time and insights, and stay in touch.

Your professors and peers are another great source of relevant contacts and industry insight. If you’re not comfortable with the information interviews consider volunteering your time and energy for an industry committee or the local Chamber of Commerce as another great way to meet and connect with local business leaders in your community.

St. Lawrence College offers several Graduate Certificate programs to provide career-focused education and specialized skills that will set you apart in this competitive marketplace.