Do Something Different At Grad School

By Study and Go Abroad Modified on October 12, 2017

Set yourself apart by studying abroad!


Now that a Bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma, and getting a Master’s is essential for many career paths, attending graduate school is no longer enough to land you your dream job. Going abroad for grad school sets will set you apart from your peers in more way than one.

Firstly, moving abroad shows potential employers that you have the skills that they are looking for. People who have studied abroad are independent, adaptable and good at problem-solving. They also have the intercultural skills that are an asset to many companies that have a global focus. Most large companies, and increasing numbers of smaller companies, now have international offices, partners and clients. As a result, the ability to understand other people’s perspectives and experience with working through cultural boundaries are assets that many employers are seeking.

Studying abroad can also set you apart financially. Many people are now graduating with debts that they can struggle with for years. Studying in a country where the tuition is free or significantly less than in Canada, and taking advantage of study abroad scholarships, frees up money for you to use in other ways. For example, you could use the money you would have spent on grad school to enroll in additional courses to boost your employability, or to pay for accommodation, allowing you to move out of your parents’ house so that you can pursue your dream job in another province or country.

Finally, no matter where you go, studying abroad aids your personal development. When embarking on a study abroad adventure, be prepared to meet people from all walks of life, to have your worldview challenged and to try things you never thought you would try.