How to Manage Stress?

By triOS College Modified on March 10, 2018

triOS offers tips on how to keep stress to a minimum while you are in school.

At triOS, students benefit from half-day classes and modular learning, meaning that you are not spending an entire day inside of a classroom and you are focusing on one subject at a time. This helps you to keep your stress level down most of the time, but life can happen. Below are some ways that we help our students to manage their stress.

Mental Health Support

At triOS, we understand the importance of mental health support. Any of our students that are feeling overwhelmed or need help managing their stress are encouraged to speak with their Campus Director so that a plan of action can be made to reduce the stress that the student feels. Our students success is our success.

Student Ambassadors

This initiative is active in all nine of our campuses across Ontario. Student Ambassadors are students who have stepped up to be a point of contact for their peers. If you are having a stressful day, your Student Ambassador would be happy to talk with you and help you feel calm again.

Get Up and Move Around

Exercise is good for both mind and body, so get that pent up stress out in a way that is also good for you! It is not necessary to have a gym membership. Walking is an excellent and easily accomplished way to clear your head. You can also get an exercise bike for your home or other basic equipment that will allow you to enjoy a mild workout.

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