7 Tips to Study Smarter

By Western University Modified on March 11, 2018

These simple changes can make a big difference.

You want to know the trick to studying? Study smarter, not longer. Use these tips from Western’s Wellness Education Center to make your study time the most productive possible.

Tip #1
Use the 50:10 cycle. 50 minutes of studying, then a 10-minute break (see Tip #5).

Tip #2
Study the most difficult material when you are most awake and alert (for most students, this is in the morning).

Tip #3
Sleep! Your brain needs rest to remember all the information you’ve learned. Try these 10 tips to sleep well.

Tip #4
Try different methods of studying: reading, making notes, quizzing a study buddy.

Tip #5
Take active breaks. Get fresh air in between study sessions.

Tip #6
Find a study space that is productive and calming for you.

Tip #7
Try relaxation techniques that use all your senses.

Always remember, you are much more than your exam scores! They do not define you as a person.

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