Disney's Approach to Business Excellence

Disney Institute is bringing its renowned professional development course, Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence, to Ottawa on Thursday May 3rd, 2018. Sponsored by Carleton University Services, the one-day event will help area professionals begin to understand the power of leadership values, discover how customer loyalty can be established, and gain insight into how organizational culture is strengthened. Participants gain an awareness of the systems and processes that can make exceptional customer service achievable and learn how to integrate personal creativity and organizational processes to support continuous improvement within their organization. This day of Disney Institute training uses business insights and time-tested examples from Disney parks and resorts worldwide to inspire individuals and organizations to enhance their own customer experience using Disney principles as their guide. Contact Donna Pereira, 6135202600 Ext.8674
Thursday, May 03, 2018 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time(EST)

Event Type: Conference - Conference

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Telephone: (613) 520-2600

E-mail: Donna.Pereira@carleton.ca